Unbelievable Saga: How Patreon?? Victimized Their Own Patronizers?!

Patrons getting victimized by their own Patreon?? It sounded impossible but incredibly, it happened. It’s an unbelievable saga how Patreon?? managed to pull off a grand scheme that turned out to be a nightmare for their own patrons!
The story began when Patreon?? launched a loyalty program, promising patrons untold rewards and incentives in exchange for their patronage. But what actually unfolded was a mind-boggling con. Patreon?? turned out to be using patrons as a payday for themselves, stealing their fees and taking away their rewards. Paying patrons were promised rewards but instead received nothing. Loyalty points? Hello!? What loyalty points? It was like a slap in the face.
But it didn’t stop there! Patreon?? proceeded to impose a brand-new fee that was “attached” to their services which drastically reduced their patron’s earnings. Patrons received a pittance compared to what they worked and earned. Unacceptable! What’s worse was there were restrictions to the rewards and bonuses that patrons used to receive in the past, Patreon?? made these stringent and difficult to attain.
Patrons were livid – and rightfully so! How could it be that the very people Patreon?? was supposed to be helping were being branded as criminals? What kind of injustice is this?
And not just this, the patrons were also penalized for using other services outside of Patreon??. Did anyone really think that patrons would stand for this? Unsurprisingly, all the patrons banded together and started a boycott. Sadly, the outcry and revolts fell on deaf ears – Patreon?? remained unfazed and unrepentant.
This saga only showed how, in a space dominated by huge corporate behemoths, paying patrons don’t have a say. Without protection, they just might as well be nameless and faceless in an uncaring world. With no one to fight for them, patrons had no choice but to accept this poor treatment. A devastating blow and a massive disappointment, indeed.