Millions Left Reeling After Huge Data Breach On Patreon!

Millions of users have been left reeling after a huge data breach on Patreon. Data of users including payment information, names, emails and phone numbers have been leaked, and it’s sent shockwaves across the internet. Both users and Patreon staff are feeling the heat, with many afraid of the potential consequences of leaked personal information. […]

Unbelievable Saga: How Patreon?? Victimized Their Own Patronizers?!

Patrons getting victimized by their own Patreon?? It sounded impossible but incredibly, it happened. It’s an unbelievable saga how Patreon?? managed to pull off a grand scheme that turned out to be a nightmare for their own patrons! The story began when Patreon?? launched a loyalty program, promising patrons untold rewards and incentives in exchange […]