Scandalous Story: Patreon?? Sabotaged By Insider?!

Scandal rocks the world of Patreon! Is an insider sabotaging the company?
Outrage spread like wildfire after news surfaced that someone from the inside had worked to sabotage the Patreon service. This mysterious person had put a glitch in their system that removed content creator’s access to financial resources, causing many to lose their livelihoods.
Speculation soon reached fever pitch. Who was the culprit and why would they target the popular platform? Many experts believed the story had been concocted by enemies of Patreon out of spite.
Those closest to the source, though, knew it was unlikely that this was a calculated attack from the outside. All signs pointed to someone from within the company, but who?
Rumors were flying faster than a speeding bullet as to who the perpetrator might be. But despite the surmounting evidence and rumors, no one was able to provide conclusive proof of the identity of the person responsible for the sabotage.
Everyone was on high alert, with some now doubting the security and safety of their content. Could the same person strike again or had their actions been a one-off?
The dark cloud of suspicion and uncertainty still hung over Patreon, as the search for the alleged saboteur continued. Meanwhile hardworking content creators counted the costs of lost time and income as the debacle became increasingly international.
Amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerged. Several of the top technologists and cyber security experts among the Patreon faithful had come together to investigate and help restore order.
Shortly after, Patreon released a public statement: “We can now confirm that the sabotage was perpetrated by an employee who abused their access privileges.”
This seemed to satisfy the public, who, though shocked by the news, praised Patreon for coming clean and taking responsibility. With the suspicious in-house activity having now been addressed, people started to cautiously return to their trusting state.
Still, the scandal had been a bitter pill to swallow. How could an employee weaponize their access to the most vulnerable parts of the system? How could any internal security systems and checks and balances in place have allowed such a situation to arise?
Fingers were being pointed in all directions. Who was to blame for the malicious activity? Patreon had not forgotten about their loyal customers, and were offering compensation for their losses. But that didn’t quiet the uproar.
Undoubtedly, any damage done to their brand was proving hard to repair. After all, this had been a matter of user safety, and the confidence of subscribers was key. Moving forward, one thing was certain. Patreon would have to up their security measures and stop any potential insider threats in their tracks.